Organise yourself to grow: 3 things you must do

Disclaimer: this post is for the people who want to utilize their time, Organize themselves and grow.

We admire those people who can do different things in a day with 100% efficiency and without getting tired.

I feel a person without a to-do list is always tired and wants to do nothing, I read it somewhere that just sitting and doing nothing is not actually freedom but it will make you go mad and you will start questioning yourself that why I am wasting my time?

On the other side if you'll complete all your  daily task effectively you will ultimately feel free and this is what exactly freedom is.

Organise yourself to grow

What i am suppose to do? 

A lot of you guys will ask me that what  I am suppose to do? everything is fine, even if I want to do different things in a day I can not do that because, I have no time.

Some will say that I am a student just studying whole day is my job, but ask yourself do you really study whole day? 24 hours?

Of course the answer is NO, and there are others who will say I have this or that things to do all day long and I can't manage other things to do, the reality is most of their time will go unproductive because they do not know what to do in that time.

The things I am talking about to do in your spare time is the things you like the most, different activities like making stuffs, cooking, painting, reading anything it can be, silly things also like crazy science experiments, it depends on you how crazy you are.

Like for me right now apart from studies, I do blogging and learn about digital marketing so that I can earn more with my blog in my spare time.

I also do stock trading and read a lot of books, in the night at my home I work as a freelancer and a lot of other things also like making stuffs(miniatures), sketching, painting whatever I love to do  I have specific time slot for that, so that I can  do these things daily.

Why we should do these things?

Every person is born with some qualities,which may seem as a hobby but actually can be the priority when the time comes like you might know about Kapil Sharma from "The Kapil Sharma Show" and Bhuvan Bam(youtuber) from "BB ki vines"; both are interested in singing and struggled a lot if you see, but they never stopped being funny.

They are not undesirably indulged  in some other kind of work, which may seem as the only thing to do but it is not.

Now " being funny" is actually the priority in their life, which may worth nothing some years back but now is the main source of income(you can google the earnings) for them and they are enjoying that.

There are many things you love to do in a day, please do that because it may seem worth nothing today but... you know the rest, it can do wonders.

How to get organised ?

 By organizing here I mean organizing yourself and your time, so that you can utilize the time and can do each of your favorite activity daily. Following 3 things will help you to get organised, that's actually helping me -

  • Make a to-do list -

You must know the things you have to do tomorrow and you must prioritize that list in the night before going to bed.

  • Involve and withdraw yourself -

This is a quality you must develop to do things with 100% efficiency.

In this you must get involve in the activity when the time starts and you must know how to withdraw yourself totally when the time ends.

In this way your 100% focus will be on the things you are doing at that specific time and when you withdraw yourself in the end you can start the other activity with the same efficiency without getting affected by the first one.

  • Make a time slot for every activity-

Make a time table starting from the morning till the night which covers the main activities you want to do (do not forget to make time slots for eating, breaks and other daily activities), 

You can use different applications for time table which you can easily install in your smartphone , I personally use timetune and get a ring when another time slot is going to begin.

 It may be hard for you to follow this initially, but you must do this daily for 21 days without breaking the chain after that it will become a habit believe me and always remember one thing in your mind that -

just sitting and doing nothing is not actually freedom,complete all your daily task effectively you will ultimately feel free and this is what exactly freedom is

Hope this post will work for you guys.

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