Teleportation: Is the future really here?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word 'Teleportation'? Probably some comic book character or a Star Trek movie, out of the hundreds of time it has been used around in the world of fiction. But would you believe me if I say that it is actually possible? Probably not but a group of scientists in China have actually done it.

china micius satellite

Reportedly, researchers in China have successfully teleported a photon from earth to a satellite orbiting more than 300 miles away. 

The satellite named Micius consists of a super-photon receiver which helps it to detect the quantum state of a photon particle which is fired towards it from the earth. 

However, all of this is not as cool as shown in Hollywood flicks and the potential is very limited as of now but scientists believe that this might just be the first step towards the dream of teleporting a human which has been the fantasy of every human for a very long time.

This experiment, however, had been performed a number of times in laboratories but the Chinese scientists have broken the record for the longest distance of Quantum entanglement. Previous record being of 100kms.

Therefore it is safe to think that in a few years human teleportation could actually become possible with all the efforts being made.

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