Game Of Thrones: What's all the fuss about?

Winter is here! If I say this out loud in this scorching heat of July you will think I'm hallucinating but that also means you have been missing an altogether new universe. The HBO drama has it all. Yes, I'm talking about Game Of Thrones. The new season has just dropped yesterday, therefore, brace yourselves for the unending memes over the social media. So what is all this ruckus about? Let's ease it up for you.

Game Of Thrones season 7

The story is knit around the mythical land of Westeros and the seven noble families who reign over the land. They all want the kingdom for themselves and have skirmishes with each other before a full-scale war breaks out. 

He who has the King's Landing rules over the seven kingdoms. But that's not it. There is another war incoming and this one is brought by the army of the dead who have risen to destroy everything that comes their way. 

The only thing protecting the kingdoms is the great wall of ice standing between the dead and the living guarded by an army of misfits known as the Night's Watch.

So what makes this shoe so appealing to the audiences all over the world? Is it the drama, the violence, brutality or just sex? The answer is simple, the show has captured various human emotions and reality in epic proportions. 

Everything has been done so amazingly that you believe that it is actually possible. The writing is excellent and on point. Characters are the epitome of epicness. The way a character develops is just something this show excels upon. But that being said don't get too much attached to a character from the beginning (there goes your spoiler). 

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Some scenes, however, may offend you and if you are weak hearted there might be few scenes a little too much for your taste but hey! what's life without a little change?

Also, the show is based on A Song of Ice and Fire series of books so if you are a book lover you have a double treat. Therefore you now have multiple reasons to watch this show and not just because everyone you know talks about it. 

Also, the show has top IMDB rating of all time so that might give you a hint to join the obsession officially because trust me once you get on with the show there is no return because "the show is great and full of characters" you would want to love.


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