War For The Planet Of The Apes Movie Review: A befitting end to the best movie trilogy of the decade

How often we get to see a movie trilogy which is near to perfect in every cinematic aspect? There aren't many as we know it. So does this epic conclusion to a movie trilogy makes it to the list? The answer is YES.

War Of The Planet Of The Apes Movie Review: A befitting end to the best movie trilogy of the decade
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This reboot of the famous Planet of the Apes movie from the 60s is a perfect blend of modern technology and human emotions. The movie has near perfect use of CGI, however, it doesn't look overused at all. 

This movie is a little high on the emotional grounds, unlike the previous instalment which had a lot more action sequences so if you are looking for high octane action scenes you are going to get a little less of that. 

However this in no way hampers the movie which is a visual masterpiece and the tone is just perfect.You can actually feel the emotions of the apes in their welled up eyes and their painful faces can make you teary eyed. Kudos to the artists for their excellent work.

Andy Serkis has done an award winning work as Caesar, Woody Harrelson as Colonel is a tough man who is at war with the apes and everything else. Amiah Miller as Nova is good.

The movie also has some humorous moments carried out by the bad ape aka Steve Zahn. The overall grading of the film is good. A few scenes may seem a little long but still, the movie never lacks pace and concludes Caesar's journey as the leader of the apes.

The movie overall is a thought provoking and clearly shows the struggle between the humans and the apes as they struggle for survival against each other with the deadly simian virus at large. 

Therefore the movie wins the heart of the audiences and comes out as strong as the APES.

Rating: 3.5/5 

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