Useful Things to Buy on Amazon: A List of 5 Items

If you love to buy things that are useful and cool as well then this article will help you, you can have really cool things within just a click, some of them are really cheap, give it a try and select which suit you and you think its really worth buying.

Here I have prepared a list of 5 items after spending hours on Amazon to get the best for you guys, here in this article we'll talk about -

  1. Fitness Tracker
  2. Power sharing device
  3. Wireless charger
  4. Wearable camera
  5. Cool card reader and pen drive

useful things to buy on amazon

1) Fitness Tracker 

Whatever physical activities you are doing you must have some records to ensure all are going well.

This is what an activity tracker watch do it tracks all your daily physical activities and gives you the metrics on your phone.

You just have to wear the band, download an app and then connect the app with your fitness band, generally, it has default goals you can also alter the goals with your own and can also add some more if you want.

➤ What fitness tracker tracks?

  • Your sleep duration 
  • Monitor your sleep quality
  • Monitor the effect of walking and running
  • Calculate your calorie burned
  • Heart rate/ blood pressure
  • Incoming Call Alerts
  • Other basic fitness parameters

➤ Best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor

Apart from the basic fitness band some of them come with more advanced features like "fitness tracker with blood pressure monitor" check out the list that I have made keeping in mind the cost and utility of the product.

1) Fitbit charge 2 - 

Useful things to buy on amazon

If you want more features with more colour options then, Fitbit Charge 2 is perfect and comes with:
  • Automatic wrist - based heart rate tracking.
  • Notification (call, text, calendar notification)
  • OLED (organic light emitting diode) display which -

  1. Is Lightweight and flexible.
  2. Have Better picture quality.
  3. Have Better power efficiency.
  4. Have Faster response time

  • Personalised cardio fitness score
  • Tracks (Steps, Distance travelled, calorie burned, Floor climbed and all active minutes)
  • You can use "connected GPS" in Fitbit to see stats like pace, duration and distance on your wrist
  • Get Personalised guided breathing sessions based on your Heart rate.
  • Long battery life up to 5 days
  • Interchangeable bands (use it however you want from morning workouts to dinner party you can wear it anywhere and in any way you want by just changing the band)
  • Sync wirelessly with iPhone, Android and Windows devices

2) GOQii Heartcare tracker -

Useful things to buy on amazon

    GOQii lets you subscribe for either 12 months or 6 months, you just have to -

  1. Subscribe for 12 months or 6 months plan.
  2. Download your GOQii App for iOS, Android or Windows.
  3. Fill up your personal data and set your Goals.
  4. Choose a personal Coach for guidance.
  5. Align your logged data with your coach to make sure you are on track.

and comes with the features like -
  • keeps a track of your heart rate, daily steps, calories burned, distance covered, active hours and sleep pattern.
  • No need of separate charging, you can connect it with any USB port ( laptop, power bank, mobile charger ) to charge the battery.
  • Get a qualified personal Coach and Certified doctor to review your heart rate and other fitness data.
  • Get Notification ( WhatsApp, SMS, call ) on OLED display.
  • 7 days battery life.
  • Works with both iOS and Android.

Click here to buy.

➤ Cheap Fitness tracker wristband

1) Mi band -

Useful things to buy on amazon

    Mi band is a waterproof Fitness tracker that cost you just $24.99
and gives you features like.
  • Sleep - cycle smart alarm
  • Fitness tracker and sleep monitor
  • Water resistant
  • Can connect with iPhone and Android 4.4 or above smartphones
  • 30 days long lasting battery
  • Incoming call alert
  • Locate your Mi band (Use the App to tell Mi band to light up and Vibrate)

Click here to buy.

General review- As I said earlier a fitness tracker only tracks your all day physical activities but, to intensely follow your fitness route it is up to you, you can have this really cool band with lots of features just to get your all day metrics.

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2) Power sharing devices

Power sharing devices let you share your battery from one phone to another, You can borrow some charge from a friend when your's phone running out of battery, It is beneficial when

  • you are travelling
  • you don't have any plug point nearby
  • you forgot your charger/ power bank

You can simply connect your phone with another through these devices in order to charge it, It works for both Android and iPhone, for iPhone, there is an attachment for that which comes with the product or you can buy one if not.

1) Urbo 2 in 1 Dual USB Car Charger

Useful things to buy on amazon: A list of 5 items

    This power share device will cost you around $19.99and comes with -

  • Small size 
  • Dual USB Ports, you can charge two devices at the same time.
  • Integrated protective circuit that ensures there is no overcharging  or discharging
  • Connectors: MicroUSB Input and Output, iPhone output

General review - I will recommend you to buy this because it is cheap, cool and very useful and ₹500 is not a big amount.

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3) Wireless Charger

Wires don't last long and can be really messy sometimes to avoid this you can use a wireless charger, all you have to do is just keep the device within the range of the charger and it will start charging automatically.

Who sells wireless charger?

It is a general question anyone of you would ask for.
The answer is you can buy it from any E-commerce website but the website and product should be genuine and must be rated and reviewed well, to make this simple I am providing you with the following handpicked wireless charger's list -

1) Nillkin Magic disk 2

Useful things to buy on amazon

   It will cost you around $31.96 and provides you -

  • Wireless charge support to all Qi compatible devices ( you can check whether your device is Qi-enable or not )
  • Transmission distance ≤6 mm
  • Latest WPC QI standard wireless charging technology

You can also buy a Nillkin Magic case wireless charging receiver for wireless charging of Apple iPhone.

Click here to buy.

2) Nillkin phantom (wireless charger and desktop LED lamp)

Useful things to buy on amazon

You can have a Nillkin Phantom for $45.99, which has- 

  • Wireless charge support to all Qi compatible devices
  • Stunning and sleek modern design
  • Touch sensitive Lighting with Dimmer Function
  • Pure white LED's that provide a bright yet relaxing light
  • Also, have a USB port for Direct charging

Click here to buy.

General review - If you love wireless life you should go for this anyone you like but if wires around you are not bothering you, you can simply skip this, generally it looks very clean when it is on your table and a must buy if you have your own office.

4) Wearable camera

If you like adventure sports a lot and want to capture each and every moment without a mess, you can actually wear a camera and can use it anyway you want, not only for adventure sports but if you are a YouTuber and want to shoot a travel video or anything similar you should definitely go for this.

1) Go Pro 3 Way Mount Tripod

Useful things to buy on amazon

You can have this tripod for $69 which comes with -

  • 3 in 1 design ( use it as camera grip, extension arm or tripod ) means can be used for 

    1. POV(point of view) footage
    2. Follow cam
    3. Static Tripod

        • Waterproof: can be used in and out water

        Click here to buy.

        2) Go Pro Head Strap and Quick clip

        Useful things to buy on amazon

        It will cost you around $19 and comes with -

        • Adjustable Head strap to fit all sizes ( can be worn over helmet or directly on your head in a headlamp-like position
        • You will also get a Quick clip with this which can be attached to a baseball cap.

        Click here to buy.

        3) Go Pro Chest Mount

        Useful things to buy on amazon

        This chest mount will cost you around $16.95 and comes 

        • Adjustable design fits all shape and sizes
        • perfect mount for motocross, biking(capture your bike frame and handle bar), kayaking, cycling, paddle sports and other action sports

        General review - Anyone who travels a lot, frequently do adventure sports want to capture it all, should go for this, others may skip or can go for a cheap one to give it a try.

        5) Cool card reader and pen drive

        This is something which is cheap and best, from 4 in 1 card reader to wireless pen-drive both items are worth buying.

        Memore 4 in 1 Card Reader

        Useful things to buy on amazon

        This cool card reader will cost you only $14.99

        • compatible with almost all mobile devices
        • Have four interfaces: 

        1. Lightning  connector is for iOS devices ( Must download free storage app IUSB pro)
        2. Micro USB connector is for Android devices
        3. USB connector is for computers/Macs
        4. Type-C connector is for type - C devices

        • Reading speed : 20-27 Mb/sec
        • Writing speed :  11-20 Mb/sec
        • Supported FAT32 and exFAT

        Click here to buy.

        San Disk connect wireless stick

        Useful things to buy on amazon

         This wireless stick comes in five variant with different prices mentioned below -

        With the features like -

        • Connect Wirelessly or Plug into a USB port
        • Wireless access to all your photos, videos or Files
        • Stream music or movie up to 3 devices at the same time

        General review - A big yes for these items because of its utility, if you'll get this you'll use it more often for sure.

        Hope you guys like this article on "useful things to buy on Amazon", for any queries and suggestions comment down below. 

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