12 Fun Card Games to Play with Friends [NSFW]

Best Party Card Games For Adults

Having a party this weekend? 
Is this party for only friends and you want to have a blast?
After a few drinks and music, to sit and talk about things is a bit boring, so why not to play something which is cool and new to many, I'm talking about card games not that common card games which we use to play way back then but an adult and funny one which makes you go ROFL.

Before I begin, a word of advice: The games listed below are not for people who get offended easily. These games may end in tons of insults and spitting of secrets, and you may get stomach ache and jaw cramps due to continuous laughing, otherwise, they are totally safe!

1. Cards Against Humanity

Many of you must have heard of this game before, maybe from your colleague or fellow college-mate. This is the top selling card game of 2017 in America. If you have a great sense of humor then this game will make you go crazy.
Players - 3-20+
Time - 25-90+ minutes
How to Play - The box comes with total 550 cards out of which there are 460 white cards and 90 black cards. The black cards contain either a fill in the blank or question. White cards contain noun or phrases.

Each player has to pick up 10 white cards and one player is made the Judge(Card Czar). The judge picks up a black card and reads the statement aloud. The remaining players have to pick anyone white card which is the most suitable answer to the black card and pass it on, face down, to the judge. 

He then shuffles the cards and chooses the one which he thinks is the funniest and whosoever submitted it gets a point. In next round, a new player becomes the Judge and everyone draws back up to 10 white cards.

The rules do not state how to win the game, therefore you have the liberty make your own rules for winning. After playing this game you will learn a lot of new words and you will start finding dirty humor in almost everything.

Cards Against Humanity has many Expansion Packs which are also available on Amazon. Collect them all. Click To Check Out Expansion Packs

2. The Voting Game

This game uncovers secrets you never knew existed. It helps to make the bond stronger and at the same time reveal hilarious personal stories. It will make your group night out the best night out ever. It is also available on Google Play Store, but if you want to have real fun then, buying it is the best option.

Price: $24.99
Players - 5-10
Time - 30-90 minutes
How to Play - The box contains 10 Player ID cards, 90 voting cards, and 160 question cards. question cards are black and voting cards are white in color. All players get their ID cards and then they get voting cards with numbers printed of all other players. For example, Player ID 1 will get voting cards numbered 2-10.

The game starts and any one player picks up a black card. He then reads the question and other players anonymously vote for the player that is best described by the question. The person who drew the question card collects the votes and reveal them to the group.

When a player receives at least half of the votes, they keep the black card. The first player to collect 6 black cards wins the game. Pretty simple eh? But when the truth is revealed laughter is guaranteed.

The voting game has 3 expansions available online namely - NSFW, Create You Own and Fill In The Blank. Check out the Expansion Packs

3. Disturbed Friends

This game is awesome even though the game's box states - This game should be banned. The makers of this game claim that after playing this game you'll wish you never played it. The cards contain explicit language which may be offensive to some. This game will reveal how disturbed your friends think you are.
Players - 4-10
Time - 20-90 minutes
How to Play - The box comes with 380 cards out of which 250 are black question cards and 100 are colorful winning cards also, there are 30 voting cards for up to 10 players. Each player gets 3 voting cards each.

The game starts and any one person picks up a question card which contains a question and its 3 answers and reads it out. All other players have to vote what answer they think their friend would choose. If their vote is correct they get a winning card.

The person who gets 10 winning cards, wins the game. The questions are witty and full of sick humor, in no time you will see everyone bursting out of laughter. I think it is better than cards against humanity, a game with a different concept. You will know why it is the best pick after playing it! Check out Expansion Packs

4. Telestrations After Dark

This game is completely different from the other. It has an older version which is family friendly but this one is definitely NSFW. This game guarantees the full involvement of your friends and a night you will talk about till eternity. This game is best for a large group.
Players - 6-8
Time - Can be played all night!
How to Play - The box comes with 100 cards which contain 1200 words written on them, 8 erasable color coiled sketchbooks, 8 dry erase markers, 8 clean-up cloths, 8 after dark drink coasters and a rulebook.

Each player gets a sketchbook and a marker. Then one player chooses a word from the card and draws what he understood. Then the player next to him has to guess the word and then again draw on his respective sketchbook, like this every person ends up in complete hysterical sketches and definitely wrong conclusions.

This game is an artistic version of Chinese Whispers, a total telephone miscommunication. Beware you may get hurt while laughing out loud. It is the funniest adult game you will ever play.

This game has no expansions yet but the old version comes with an expansion for up to 12 players. Check Out The Old Version

5. Midnight Outburst

This is an Amazon exclusive game which means you will not find it anywhere but Amazon. Another game with a quite different concept. This game is played in teams. So clearly it is a game to be played within a larger group.
Players - 4-99
Time - Not mentioned, probably quite long
How to Play - The box contains 562 cards which cover all the wicked topics you can think of. Every card has 10 answers. 

The team has to choose a topic and then within 45 seconds you have to shout out as many answers as you can. The more answers you match with the ones printed on the card the more your team scores. Keep playing till you can and keep collecting more and more points.

There is no end to it until you want and the team with the highest score will win. Keep matching and keep scoring. This game offers your group a great experience of laughing and shouting especially if you get to spend less time together as you did in school or college.

Gather everyone and get set play! This game is super cool but it does not have any expansion out yet. Hope they will soon add some more topics to it.

6.  5 Second Rule: Uncensored

This game is hysterical. I think you would have seen Ellen play its first edition on her show. Now you can imagine how insanely popular this game is. Therefore, the company thought why not make a new edition- Uncensored. This edition is 100% NSFW.
Players - 3 or more
Time - not mentioned
How to Play - This game includes 150 cards and printed on them are insane and hilarious topics. The rule is simple, one player reads the card and the others have to answer.

You get only 5 seconds to answer. For example, the card states- Name any 3 uses of the tongue, you got 5 seconds to answer this. This game tests how fast you can spit out what comes in your mind, without getting your tongue twisted or fluttering.

The only drawback is that it has few cards which may get over pretty fast and the company has not provided any expansion yet, but I can tell you what you can do in this case, you can either buy the older version and/or create your own topics and write them on small cards. This way the game will become more fun.

The original game comes with 288 cards printed on them are 576 questions. It can be played with family or in a small gathering of relatives and friends. Check out Original Game 

7. What's Yours Like?

This is another great game to play with friends. This is not a complete NSFW but I liked the concept, therefore, I added it to this list.
Players - 4 or more
Time - No limit
How to Play - Box includes 496 guess words on 248 cards, 35 challenge cards, 5 blank cards, markers and a board. The game starts and any one person is placed on the hot seat. Everyone sees the card except the one on the hot seat. They then start describing.

You have to give clues so that he is not able to guess very easily. The more mundane and witty clues you give the more laughter you get. The person in the hot seat has to guess the correct word. 

There is no fixed time for him to guess so you can make your own rules with this one. You get blank cards to write your own words, be as creative as you can with the clues.

8. Watch Ya' Mouth Adult

This game is insane. It will put you in a condition where you would want to laugh out loud but you can't as your mouth is stretched wide. This is a different kinda game but I bet you'll enjoy it a lot. It has so many versions and expansion packs to choose from.
Players - 3-10 but there is limit only till you don't have more cheek retractors.
Time - Not mentioned
How to Play - The games consists of 143 cards with phrases printed on them. This is an NSFW expansion of the original watch ya' mouth game, therefore, you don't get cheek retractors with it. But no problem you can buy them from the link given below.

The game is pretty simple, 3-10 players wear cheek retractors and then read out the phrases written on the cards, the other team members have to guess what they are trying to convey. You and your friends will burst out of laughter when you see each other's mouth wide opened in an awkward way. 

Apart from being quite famous, it has some negative reviews regarding misspellings on the cards, everything else is fine. It has 2 NSFW expansions and both are available online along with the original game and few other expansions.

You can clean the retractors by boiling them in water and use them as many times as you want.

Drinking Games With Cards

Since I know how much we love to play drinking games, therefore, I've got the perfect ones for you. Let's know about some drinking games you can play with cards.

9. Drink A Palooza

This game is a combo of almost all famous drinking games you must play at college drinking parties or get-togethers like beer pong, flip cup, kings cup, quarters and more. It combines board and card format. 

Price: $34.99Players - 2-12
Time - Not mentioned
How to Play - Firstly the game comes with beer pong bottles, spin the bottle, a deck of cards, dice, six-pack game pieces and mini beer bottles. You have to play all six games and win beer bottles.

Th first player to collect all six bottles wins the game. It can be played with any kind of drink you prefer. All the game pieces are waterproof. Since everything is available in 6 packs, it is better to make teams of 2 each and this way 12 players can play the game.

The games included are Kings Cup, Flip Cup, Socials, Waterfalls, Quarters, High/ Low, Drunk Tank, Booze Your Turn, Steal a Bottle, Beer Pong, Pour in Drink Cup, Make a Rule, and Quarters.

10. Never Have I Ever

I know what you are thinking! This is the game you normally play at almost every party, but there you make your own questions. This game gives you pre-written explicit and adult questions that will make your drinking party more fun.

Players - You can play with as many as you can
Time - Till all the cards end
How to Play - You will find 550 professionally printed premium cards inside the box out of which 485 are blue and 65 red cards. This is strictly NSFW version of never have I ever. 

For those who are not familiar with the gameplay, there is a rule book inside the box. The first requirement of the game is glasses and drinks. Everyone holds a glass either half or fully filled with beer. One player picks up a card and reads the sentence like- Never Have I Ever had a fake ID taken away by a bouncer. 

The other players will take a sip if it has happened to them. In next round, another player picks up a new card and the process goes on. This way all the truths start pouring out and you get to know more about your gang. There is no winning rule so you may make one of your own. Get the Expansion Pack for $9.99

11. Drunk Stoned or Stupid

Warning: If you or any of your friends get offended easily then this game is not for you. This game includes loads of insanity and, weird and wicked answers. Overall, I really liked the game.
Players - 2 and more
Time - Till the cards end
How to Play - With the dashing box, you get 250 cards with sentences printed on them. The game is easy just pick up a card read it aloud. For example, the card states- Is actively preparing for the end of the world. 

You have to decide mutually which one of your friends is most likely to be the person who is just like the one mentioned in the card. The person with most cards will lose. You will find yourself laughing throughout the game.

It has an expansion which includes 125 new cards and there is another game- Sleep In A Bucket from the makers of Drunk Stoned or Stupid. Get the Expansion Pack for $10

12. Concept

This game is particularly a board game but with a new twist. Though it is not NSFW game still it will satisfy your fun cravings. If you like charades then you will love it.
Players - 4-12
Time - 40+ minutes
How to Play - The board is covered in icons and all you need to do is pick up a card and try to explain the word through icons given on the board, while others will try to guess. The players who guess first gets a small light bulb.

You have to take turns and explain a concept through pictures. The player with 12 light bulbs wins the game. Some examples of the concept are Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Sherlock Holmes, Polar Bears, Beyonce and lot more.

If you have played charades then you know how much fun you can get through this game.

So my list ends here I hope you would have got a good idea of all the games. These were the best ones. Don't forget to Subscribe Us for more such entertaining articles and comment below your favorite game. Tell us what you think about them?

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