7 Best Tactical Backpacks From Top Rated Sellers

What you mean by a best tactical backpack is a bag with huge capacity, with tough looks and which is durable and comfortable as well, you must be able to carry your essentials with ease and it should not go heavy all these quality can be found in the best military backpack or the best range backpack.

When it's come to buy one, it's a wrong approach if you go to some website/store and buy a product just because it looks good, you must first see the rating of the product and the reviews of the buyer before buying anything online, the only thing bad about this approach is it will take your precious time.

Just to make things simple here in "Hownwhys" we select the product which is of high quality, best rated and which got best reviews as well.

Here I've made a list of best tactical backpacks by spending hours on the internet.

Basis of Selection

Space CapacityThe space capacity of up to 70- liters

Weather/Water ResistantAll of them are water/weatherproof made from 600D PVC nylon/ polyester or 900 denier polyester.

Price RangePrice range is very affordable ranging between $39.99 - $79.99 and varies as per space capacity and other value-added things.

Comfortability There is plentiful sponge padding in straps which makes them easy to carry and comfortable.

Product Rating The rating is more than 4 star.

Buyer's ReviewAbove 90% of the buyer's review is good which makes the product genuine and trustworthy.

1) Gonex Military Molle Backpack

best tactical backpack

Price: $79.99
This tactical backpack comes with a capacity of 70- liters with the main compartment and can be wide open for easy putting and easily getting, there is 1 front zipped bag where you can keep your small essentials, 2 side net pockets and 1 bottom compartment for shoes or other belongings.

This bag is easy to carry as it comes with "weight decomposition system" and could be adjustable for three sizes (small, medium, large), It's air flow channel in elasticity sponge keeps you dry with no sweating problem on the back, it is the best military backpack for hiking.

2) 3V Gear Paratus 3

best tactical backpack

Price: $77.87
This ultimate tactical backpack has a huge capacity and comes with 3 in 1 packs, 1 rapid deployment pack and 2 molle pouches, this pack is fully molle compatible and will attach to any molle pack, this compact pack has a convenient grab handle or it can be carried with the concealable waist belt which can be used for any possible uses, i.e First aid kits, ammo bags, survival kits, for climbing harnesses etc.

 All zipper in the bag pulls threaded with para-cord for durability and noise reduction.
best tactical backpack

Made up of 600D PVC nylon which makes this backpack weather resistant and strong, the huge capacity and his semi-rigid construction make it extremely versatile and durable.

Ergonomically padded shoulder straps, hip straps, and EVA foam backing makes it comfortable and easy to carry, this is the best assault backpack someone can ever have with no such major flaws.

3) Explorer Tactical Gun Concealment backpack

best tactical backpack

Price: $69.95
It comes with huge capacity with 6 zipper pocket in front, 4 side pockets, 2 top handles, 2 back enlarge iPhone and sunglass pockets and gun compartments which is quite enough, you can carry almost all your gears easily for your trips.

A special add-on in this tactical bag is a "hydration bladder compartment" where you can keep your hydration bladder (not included) of up to 3- liters, so you don't have to  hold a water bottle always, you can simply sip it whenever you need it with a tube, it's totally hands-free.

 If we talk about durability, it is made up of 600D x 600D polyester material which completes the whole requirement of a tactical bag and makes it the best range backpack and the best molle backpack.

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4) Monkey Paks

best tactical backpack

Price: $59.97
The great thing about this monkey paks bag is it also includes a 2.5- liters hydration water bladder for free and 3 molle bags and the price is comparatively low and reasonable, apart from that it also has all the basic quality of a tactical backpack like it has a huge capacity plus a ton of molle webbing for all your gear requirements.

It has 3 molle bag with a detachable bag that can be used as a fanny, waist or shoulder pack. Further, it is also made up of 600D strong nylon and has big teeth zippers with the paracord to keep them quiet and noise free.

5) Crazy Ants Backpack

best tactical backpack

Price: $49.99
The most amazing thing about this affordable bag is unlike others it is made up of 900 denier polyester which makes it more durable and tough than 600D, it also has a space on the back panel where you can keep "hydration water bladder" of 2 - 2.5 liters, which is not included in this bag.

Apart from this it also has molle webbing platform on face and sides for customizing with additional gear and also shoulder straps and waist straps which make it a complete tactical backpack you can go with.

6) Mardingtop

best tactical backpack

Price: $39.99
It's come with a 35- liter capacity with a hydration compartment of up to 2.5 liters and made up of 600D polyester and also has molle webbing platform to hang on small items or for attaching additional pouches of gear.

It contains almost all the basic quality of a good tactical bag at such an affordable price and also it is the best small tactical backpack for sure.

The only thing you should consider here is if you want more capacity you should go for Gonex (the first one I've mentioned in the list) which has 70- liters capacity but didn't have hydration compartment or CVLIFE the next one on the list.

7) CVLIFE Tactical Rucksack

best tactical backpack

Price: $39.99
The good thing about this rucksack is it has huge capacity of 50- liters and is also compatible with pouches and attachments. it also has an adjustable shoulder strap, chest belt and hip belt for heavy loading

It has 1 front and 2 side molle pouches which serve it as a great idea for outdoor activities like camping,  hiking, trekking etc.

If we talk about durability it is made up of water-resistant 600D nylon material which is not as good as compared to 900 denier polyester but still better in this affordable price.

 The list ends here, all of them are pretty good because all of them are top rated products in different price range, so you must understand your requirements and then you should go for the product, you can categorize the bag on the basis like -

  • Price
  • Capacity 
  • Durability (material quality)
  • With or without hydration water bladder
  • With or without hydration water bladder compartment
  • Looks
  • Additional Attachments
  • Compartments and pockets and so on

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