69 Fun Words to Say out Loud

Most of you people when you googled about a word must have been landed on the urban dictionary which is not a normal dictionary as it contains all the trendy and fun words which can be used while writing something or in a casual conversation. 

Most of the time it has been used in a casual conversation because these words cannot be formally presented, that would be a great harm but you can use these words while talking to your friends and relatives on text or otherwise.

Here I have made a list of 69 fun words to say out loud from urban dictionary, which you can use in a daily conversation as the list purely focused on the words which can be used by anyone in day-to-day life, you can pick some of them whichever you like.

fun words to say out loud

1) Ann Curry'd - Fired or being let go from a job unexpectedly.

2) Yolo - It means "You only live once" or we can say it is "carpe diem"( seize a day or a certain moment) for stupid people.

3) Struggle bus - Its a metaphor for a difficult situation.

4) Body booking - Someone who is constantly posting pictures on social media in swimsuits or workout clothes to show how hot they are.

5) Dankrupt - To be out of marijuana.

6) SWAG - It means the way you represent yourself, it also means " secretly we are Gay".

7) Ghetto booty - The exceptionally formed buttocks of a woman.

8) Moobs - Man with big breast.

9) Onegina - A disease men get after marriage, it includes depression and despair.

10) Lispian - A male that sounds like a homosexual, he may or may not be a gay.

11) A Crapella - Singing out loud while playing the song with the headphones on.

12) Zombie ad - A political ad that continues to appear on radio or television after the election is over.

13) X factor - An Indescribable quality of a person.

14) Woot ! - A term of excitement.

15) Typeractive - A person who talks a lot on text or emails.

16) Trout - A man who loves to date younger women also known as "salmon".

17) Sext - to send suggestive text messages or photos.

18) Knosh - It's a slang for food and also means " the act of eating food".

19) Ninja sex - To have a Silent sex without disturbing other roommates.

20) PHAT - Initials for " pretty hot and tempting ".

21) Dweet - To tweet while drunk.

22) Hangry - Being angry as a result of hunger.

23) Jabbie - A couple who aren't ashamed to make out in public spaces.

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24) Leorah - The girl for which all the guys fight over.

25) Edgett - Someone who is being stupid but you know they can be a lot smarter.

26) Leaf talk - A talk in which someone expressing his high thoughts out loud.

27) Monkey Boy - A slang for a slave.

28) Pollobot - When someone laughs so much that they can't breathe and start making weird sounds.

29) Token Dude - A toxic ex who a girl knows is no good for her but spend the rest of her days dreaming about him.

30) Wheatland - Middle of nowhere.

31) Askhole - An individual who asks irrelevant questions.

32) Cyberslacking - Using company's Internet for personal activities during work.

33) Procaffenating - The tendency not to start any work without having a cup of coffee.

34) Snoozefeed - the act of checking news feeds instead of getting out of bed.

35) Petextrian -  Someone who text while walking.

36) Anti-stalking - Learning other person's routine to avoid them.

37) Cobra yawn - Spraying of saliva while yawning.

38) Fart Lapse - The time gap between the fart and the recognition of the fart.

39) Mediocrement - At first glance, it sounds like a compliment but it's not and you realize you just got dissed.

40) Doggyknobber - A man who had sex with an ugly woman.

41) Negaton - A bit of negative energy that other people can absorb.

42) Textra-terrestrial - Someone who is alien to texting.

43) Store d'oeuvres - Snacks and food samples that a grocery store serve at different locations.

44) Vaguebooking - An intentionally posted Facebook status that prompts people to ask " what's going on ?"

45) Successorize - The act of using clothing to make you look and feel more successful.

46) Smellucination - The act of imagining a smell that isn't actually there.

47) Brosama Bin Laden - A friend that you never see, he is always at home or hiding.

48) AMA - Initials for "ask me anything".

49) Bae - Before anyone else.

50) Facepalm - It is used to convey dismay, disappointment, ridicule.

51) Headdesk -  It is an extreme facepalm.

52) Literally - A word often confused with "Figuratively".

53) Awesome sauce - Something more than awesome.

54) Cougar - An older woman who like the romantic company of younger men.

55) Dawg - It is used to address a close friend.

56) Helicopter Parent - A parent who intrude constantly in a child's life.

57) Savage - Something which is cool and badass.

58) Low key - To do something secretly.

59) Hundo p - 100% sure about something.

60) On point - Something that is perfect.

61) On Fleek - Something nearly close to perfection.

62) Bye Felicia - A random girl that nobody is sad to see go.

63) Slay - A similar term for "killed it" or "badass".

64) Fam - A Short for "Family", someone you can trust dearly.

65) GOAT - Greatest of all time.

66) Lit - When something is amazing, turned up and popping.

67) Shook - Completely shocked or surprised.

68) Thicc - A girl who is curvy and sexy.

69) Zudi - The act of getting extremely stoned.

The list ends here, hope you liked this article on "fun words to say out loud". if we missed some cool words do suggest us by commenting down below.

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