Solved: How to Become an intelligent Genius Overnight?

How to become an intelligent genius overnight? by this you mean you want an overnight brain surgery just to replace your brain with someone's who is already a genius, right?

Maybe a few will have success by doing this but not all will have, to make all of you a genius and boost your memory, you will have to change the way you look at things.

What you have to do is just practice these techniques every single day for 21 days, even if you are reading a newspaper, watching TV or reading a book use these techniques to retain every single piece of information you want to.

After 21 days it will become your mind's habit to think like that, it will become an automatic process you don't have to make an effort after that everything will fall naturally, this is something that you've programmed your mind for, you will feel like a born genius.

It's not like that after 21 days you'll wake up and start behaving like Socrates or Einstein, it is just that the transformation starts taking place from the very first day and when you repeat it every next day it will become a habit and after 21 days it falls naturally.

1) Chunking

how to become a genius overnight

In chunking we divide different information or data in "small chunks" like it's easy to remember 28-39-87-95 then 28398795 not only in numbers but you can also apply this in remembering a certain information like MATHEMATICS can be MAT - HE - MAT - ICS, TOGETHER can be TO - GET - HER and you can create many more even the random ones like CZECHOSLOVAKIA can be CZECH - OSLO - VAKIA.

Important points

  • Try to break the word into meaningful chunks, If not all then at least some of them must be meaningful like in MATHEMATICS " MAT, HE "  is meaningful, In CZECHOSLOVAKIA  "OSLO (capital of Norway) " is meaningful.

  • Do not make too many chunks.

2) Mediation/Bridging

how to become a genius overnight

In bridging we connect the given data in a way so that they can be relatable to each other an example is the learning of the capital of Poland. The capital of Poland is Warsaw. World War II started with Germany's attack on Poland. Thus it may be arranged as Poland SAW War first.

Through bridging you can remember any information and it is last longing as well, like the first example you can also do a bit alteration like, For example learning of the capital Washington D.C (capital of U.S.A) it can be U.S.A do TONs of WASHING, and much more like this. 

What you need is a lot of practice in the beginning and it depends on how much creative you are so that you can link the data with ease it doesn't matter if your bridging sounds lame.

Important points 

  • Even if you don't know the basis of relation (like in example 1 "Germany attacks Poland"), you can go for random one (like in the example 2 U.S.A do TONs of WASHING)

  • You need a lot of practice in the beginning but all those lame relations will ultimately enhance your bridging technique.

3) Bedtime Recital

how to become a genius overnight

In this technique, you do your recital or rote learning just before going to bed. The mind in the process of sleeping would then arrange the information in a systematic and effective way when you are sleeping. 

Psychologists have also found that if you sleep after thinking about your problems there is a better chance that you arrive at a solution the next day.

Important points

  • Write down the things that you are supposed to remember in a piece of paper.

  • Read it aloud (if possible) once or twice and recite it two to three times.

  • Be in a relax mood and go to sleep without worrying or thinking about anything and sleep well.

4) Trying by not trying

how to become a genius overnight

All of us apply this method knowingly or unknowingly. Sometimes when you try to recall you may not be able to recall it at that time even if you are sure that you know it very well. You experience a blocking that prevents you from recalling it. Normally you tend to try again and again but in vain. 

To handle this situation you just keep away from trying to recollect it and do something else; to your pleasant surprise that information automatically pops up into your mind after some time. This is because even if you stopped trying, the mind is searching for that information and brings it to awareness when it is found. 

Sometimes the information was blocked when you wanted, and mind brings it forward when the blocking is removed. This is where stress plays its role in hindering recall.

Important point

  • If you are very anxious by nature or very stressful in nature, you may encounter this type of blockage very often. In such case, it is highly recommended that you practice some kind of relaxation technique and thus keep your anxiety and stress away. 

5) Visualize

how to become a genius overnight

We know that images last longer in our memory than a raw data, it has been proven by medical science and there is no doubt about this.
The trick is you have to visualize a picture of the data/information you want to retain, it is like if someone says "Apple" there should be a clear image of "red apple" in your mind.

Through this you will not miss even a single information believe me and your brain power will boost drastically it is that powerful, but it will not come overnight, your brain starts improving from the very first day but you have to make effort every next day to master this technique.

6) Eat Healthy

how to become a genius overnight

Eat whatever is healthy and fresh, in between 3 weeks if you'll avoid junks and eat healthy you'll see a lot of changes in the way you think, behave and experience life, which will not only enhance the memory power but also positively affect other things in your life as well.

Eating healthy is what we always read about but never considered it as a tool to influence your life overall and you will not understand it until you'll experience it, and you can do this from today after reading this, what you have to do is:

  • Avoid junks
  • Drink more water
  • Eat healthy
Start doing this, and just a few days later you'll start feeling the change within you.

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