Soprano vs Concert Ukulele: Which One is The Best?

Soprano vs concert ukulele which is the best one to have? if you are searching for the best one, you must know that "best" is a vague term that isn't very clear because what is best for you may not be best for other, on what parameters you choose a product may differ from another person.

Here in this article, we are going to look on different parameters that one should consider according to his/her choice before going for anyone ukulele (small guitar name).

soprano vs concert ukulele

But before moving further to the topic "soprano vs concert ukulele" let's just understand what is soprano and concert ukulele is:


This is a standard uke generally inexpensive and the smallest one, smaller than even a child size guitar, and because they are small and light they are easy to carry when you are traveling but apart from this they definitely have some drawbacks which we will look further in this post.

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This one is a bit larger than soprano and sometimes also called alto ukulele and serve as a beginner instrument, It has more frets than a regular soprano and because of this, it gives you more note option at the higher end.

Soprano vs Concert Ukulele

1) Length (Size) - The length of soprano is 20 inches (51 cm) whereas the length of the concert one is 23 inches(58 cm), there is not a major difference between the two but just a few more inches can make difference in sound, as the body size of ukuleles increase the instrument gets more resonant, they do not get deeper as the concert,soprano and tenor ukes are tuned in the same way but the concert has more resonance to the tone and the soprano somewhat more staccato (note sharply detached).

2) Scale - Scale here means the distance from nut to the saddle, the portion of the strings that vibrate, the soprano has a 13-inch and concert has a 15-inch scale length, which causes differences in tone/sound.

3) Tuning - 
Soprano, concert, and tenor all three are tuned in the same way i.e G-C-E-A, we will not talk about baritone here which is large in size and have D-G-B-E tuning.

The tuning to both ukes are same so, if anyone who can play tenor or concert can play soprano or vice versa, soprano is the standard ukes but if you are beginner you must go for concert ukes because of the spaces and metal bars(frets) are not so close which is good for easy playability.

4) Wood Quality -  Mahogany is one of the most popular wood used in ukulele and is responsible for the classic sound without sounding too thin, even if soprano is made up of mahogany it will not sound too thin and have more resonance, the mahogany also provide strong volume and comparatively inexpensive from many other wood types( Koa, Cedar, Spruce, Maple, Mango, bamboo).
The more you'll dig deeper about wood quality the more you'll get confused, so it's better to have ukes made from mahogany wood which is the most common one whether you use concert, soprano or any other ukes.

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5) Playability - Soprano has 13-inch scale length and because of this the thin metal bars( Frets) are very close to each other which makes it a bit difficult to play for a person with big hands and fingers.

Anyone who is a beginner and learning to play ukes should go for a concert or tenor one because they are very easy to play, but if you like the standard uke then soprano will be the best it's a personal choice.

6) Tone - Because of the small size soprano are not so louder and have less robust tone but there are persons who love this quiet and tinkly tone, so it's up to you whether you like a bit louder or tinkly tone.

7) Price - Soprano ukes made from mahogany wood are very cheap and best in comparison to a concert or any other one.

you can check out some affordable and top-selling ukulele down below:

8) Comfortability -  Soprano is the smallest one in the ukes family and prefer by many when it comes to comfortability, you can easily travel with a soprano and have fun with friends and family it's very small which is not in the case of other ukes but still, personal preference is always there.


soprano vs concert ukulele

See the above summary and get your ukulele now, you are here to get the best one according to your need.
Personally, if you know how to play ukulele or you like a bit traditional one then you should go for soprano, but if you are learning ukulele or want a bit more resonance in tone go for a concert one.


  1. I bought a concert ukulele.Thankyou for the valuable information.