50 Most Weird Internet Sites You Should Bookmark Now

The internet is loaded with all the information you want, anything you want to know you can search it for, if you want to play games, learn things, make things, buy things you can do almost anything on the internet today, and by taking it too seriously some of the mischievous minds created something which you and I can not think of, they have created few websites which will entertain you when you are bored from work, studies or even the internet.

So here, what I did is compiled a whole list of most weird internet sites and presented before you, which was not an easy task because it should not be something ordinary because I've mentioned here in the title "most" that should be justified.
hope you'll enjoy these weird internet sites, so let's get started without wasting any time.

50 most weird internet sites

weird internet sites

  • eelslap-  If you are feeling frustrated and want to slap someone then this eel will work for you, use your cursor as an eel and slap that bastard.
  • weavesilk-  Show your creative side and make dreamy works of art with your mouse.
  • zoomquilt-  This is the second thing to do after weed, try it and you will get what I really mean.
  • anasomnia-  Maybe it will take some time to load but after that just turn off the lights, lay back and enjoy the ride.
  • mapcrunch-  Just click on GO and see where it will take you.
  • tholman-  Draw with the texts, sounds cool? try it.
  • fallingfalling-  This is what happens when your internet pops up something.
  • kongregate-  You will love the game collection, play free here.
  • akinator-  You will fall in love with this web genie
  • live plasma-  Just type the artist name and listen to the song.
  • omegle-  Talk with strangers.
  • geoguessr-  It is like "mapcrunch" but further you have to guess the place also.
  • letters of note-  An awesome collection of letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes and memos
  • lang-8-  A community of native speakers who will support your language learning.
  • zooniverse-  Participate in the online research, be a part of real science projects.
  • sporcle-  World's largest trivia quiz website.
  • whizzpast- Learn about our action packed past.
  • exitmundi-  If you are fascinated by meteors, volcanoes, black holes then this site will be right up your alley.
  • nohomophobes-  The theme of this website is to record on a daily basis every single homophobic thing that is said on Twitter.
  • secrettechnology-  The only thing you have to do is not take the website's content seriously and you'll be fine.
  • thebeatlesneverbrokeup-  The owner of this website believes that the Beatles never broke up and are still kicking it in a parallel universe. It's weird, I am just making you aware.
  • newsoffuture-  Contains all the future news and some of them are really true.
  • godhatesshrimp-  Can't understand its purpose and utility but it is still entertaining.

10 products by GOOGLE AI experiments -
These are the websites launched by Google for people who love creativity and innovation. These AI websites are a haven of creative minds.

  • Autodraw- Create any visual fast, It will guess what you are trying to draw and then auto draw the same.
  • Quick Draw- Draw anything and the Google will guess what you are trying to draw.
  • Thing translator- Take a picture of something to hear how to say it in a different language.
  • Bird Sounds- Thousands of bird sounds visualized using machine learning.
  • A.I. Duet-  Just play some notes and the computer will respond to your melody.

Hope you all enjoyed the list, some of them are really crazy in the middle, do tell us in the comments which one you like the most.


  1. This list really helps when you are at work or bored at home! I will deff be using this!

  2. Interesting websites. I am bookmarking this! :)

  3. It's really interesting and fun websites to enjoy.