Top Selling: 10 Cheap Canvas Tote Bags Under $15

Canvas Tote Bags are a necessity today. Some use them as a great business promotion tool while some as a normal carrying bag, they can also be used as a great gifting item. While the most common use of a tote bag is to carry your essentials from or to somewhere like school, work, picnic or shopping.

These bags are very easy to carry and are made of strong material to carry a sufficient amount of weight. Here comes the importance of cloth or fabric of which they are made and also the reason why you ended up on this page.

Cheap Canvas Tote Bags

Before we begin with the list I want you to read the primary basis on which we chose all the below-mentioned bags:

1. Fabric: All bags are of Canvas because the canvas is an extremely heavy-duty, plain woven fabric which gives a sturdiness to the bag and is very important if you want to carry heavy stuff.

2. Price: Since you are looking for cheap canvas bags hence, all the bags we've chosen are under $15.

3. Pockets: Next most important basis we kept in mind while searching for tote bags was- pockets. All bags here have at least one inside pocket so that you are able to keep some important stuff like money and mobile phone safely inside your bag.

4. Size: All bags lie within the size range of 14 to 22 inches so that you have the liberty to choose as per your requirement.

5. Seller Rating: We choose products sold by sellers who have 3 stars or above rating and 90% or above positive reviews.

Now that you know our basis of selection, you will be able to choose the best canvas tote bag for you easily. 7th and 8th are my personal favorites!

1. Minitows Tote Bag + Zipper Make Up Bag

Cheap Canvas Tote Bags

Price: $14.95
Go pineapples with this simple pineapple print canvas tote bag. It is machine washable, so you don't have to worry about spilling. You can use it as a shopping bag, beach bag or just a normal grocery carrying bag. Also, it has a very good quote on it which says- "Life is beautiful" and so it is!

What is best about this one is that you get a Bonus Zipper Make Up bag with it, which is again full of little-printed pineapples.

2. Dalix Zippered Tote Bag

Cheap Canvas Tote Bags

Price: $12.98
Dalix offers a range of tote bags with different colors and size range. This one here is a 22-inch heavy duty canvas tote bag. It is suitable for carrying many things at the same time like laptop, books, water, food, bottle, mobile phone, make-up kit, wallet.

You can also use it as a beach bag to carry your beach essentials.

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3. Pier-17 Sea Horse Print Tote Bag

Cheap Canvas Tote Bags

Price: $12.92
Ladies you are going to love this bag. It comes in 3 colors blue, black and hot pink. Also, it comes in 3 different prints and you can choose whichever you like. It is highly durable as it comes with built-in inner backing. 

It has 2 inner pockets and zipper closure at the top. It is best used a beach bag. You can carry a beach blanket, sunscreen, flip flops, swimsuit, towels and much more very easily inside this bag.

4. Nasty Woman Print Tote Bag

cheap canvas tote bags

Price: $11.99
A nasty woman is an intelligent, confident, hard-working and independent female who gets stuff done. And hence, this bag is for all those women who reclaim to be a nasty woman. Its dimensions are 11x14x5 inches.

Warehouse Pod also offers other modern prints like there is one inspired by Harry Potter. But it all depends on what you'd like to choose. You can see more prints by clicking below.

5. Andes Gusseted Tote Bag

cheap canvas tote bags

Price: $11.95
This is a 15-inch heavy duty canvas tote bag. Andes offers more such pretty and cute prints. You can easily carry your laptop, books and other stuff in this bag. It does not have any zipper closure.

It has 2 inside pockets for keeping important and small things. Whats more? Andes offers 180 days money back guarantee. Therefore it is pure love.

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6. Cat Striped Canvas Tote Bag

cheap canvas tote bags

Price: $11.59
Carry stuff in style with this trendy black striped cat tote bag. It has a zipper closure on the top to keep your stuff secure. It is 15 inches high and 16.5 inches wide. It has one inside pocket.

This bag is best for college girls although it can be used in many ways, one of which being shopping.

7. Starry Sky Black Tote Bag

cheap canvas tote bags

Price: $11.55
This cool black tote bag is brought to you by ASAPS. Its dimensions are 16x15 inch. This unique bag has two shoulder handles of different sizes, keeping in mind your comfort.

Because of its trendy look, apart from other common uses of a tote bag, it can also be used a handbag. ASAPS offers many more designs and colors which you can check out by clicking below.

8. Triangle Pattern Full Printed Tote

cheap canvas tote bag

Price: $11.17
This is a full printed tote bag with pink and gray triangles printed on both sides. Its stylish look makes it a must-have. It is top open which means no zipper. It is very wide and its dimensions are 13x14.5 inches. There is one inside pocket for small essentials.

It is also a product of ASAPS. More prints and patterns are available. Check them all out.

9. Owl Pattern Canvas Tote

cheap canvas tote bags

Price: $10.99
These cute owls will make your day happy. I found this bag totally irresistible. I am pretty sure whenever you will go out with it, you are going to get so many compliments like Awe! this is so cute. 

Apart from being cute, it is also very durable and easy to carry. Its dimensions are 14x15 inches. More such cute owl prints are available on Amazon.

10. I'm Too Perfect For You Tote

cheap canvas tote bags

Price: $9.99
Carry with style this MY BAG from LINJUN. It gives you an added attitude but it's up to you, how you'd like to carry it.

It is quite spacious and useful. It has one inside zipper pocket and also a zipper closure at the top. It's not laptop friendly as its dimensions are 14x14 inches.

Did you like all of them or dislike some? Tell us in the comments below, your suggestions are very valuable for us. 

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